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In his current works, Antonio Sarcinella deals with the topic of how the finely calculated use of color influences and determines our perception of spatial structures, of what could be foreground or background or what is inside or outside.

At first glance, the composition of the picture series is very simple. A round arch appears on the portrait-format wooden panels and canvases. Sarcinella dispenses with figurative figures and other details that could give an indication of the location or size of this architectural structure. Is this a wall painting or a wall opening that allows a view into an abstract landscape?


The impression of space and depth or expanse is created solely through the choice of different colors and color gradients. Referring to Josef Albers' legendary theory of color, which he published in 1963 under the title “Interaction Of Color”, Antonio Sarcinella sees the great potential in the changeability of colors and their fluid character. We only ever perceive individual colors in relation to other colors, and we experience the transformation of colors in contrast to others. Sarcinella skillfully uses this knowledge to create atmospherically charged, metaphysical visual worlds that defy rational unambiguity.


This ambiguity is already inherent in the painterly process of creating his works. Simple, roughly worked areas of color alternate with fine, detailed elements. With a reduced formal language and his courageous use of unconventional color combinations, Antonio Sarcinella shows us that there can be no certainty, no one-to-one, no truth in the observation of colors, but that it depends on the willingness to go on a journey of visual sensations.



                                                                                                   (Text by Dr. Claudia Quittenbaum)

* 1989 
lives and works in Munich


2024                   Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich

2017 - 2024          Studies of fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich | AdBK München
                       in class of Prof. Anke Doberauer

upcoming exhibitions:

07.05 -
              "PINXIT", Katholische Akademie Bayern, Munich


2024                      "ECHOES", Quittenbaum Gallery, Düsseldorf

2023                      Solo exhibition "ECHOES", Quittenbaum Gallery, Munich

2023                      Duo exhibition "Tôle", Kunstraum Eckstein, Munich

                         "Kunstpreis 2022", Karl&Faber, Munich

2021                      "Unter Kuppeln schwimmen Maschinen, schön grün", VIER8L, Munich

2020                      "Obst & Gemüse", Bienewitz, Munich

2018 - 2024           Annual exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich

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