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In his current work, Antonio Sarcinella deals with the concept of space and plays with the relationship between inside and outside. He plays with perspective compositions, overlaps and spatial shifts with unusual, intense color combinations. The empty, colorful spaces incorporate the idea of landscapes and elements of the outside, testing the viewer’s perception. It remains unclear whether these representations are murals or wall openings or windows to the outside world. Is the viewer watching a landscape or the illusion of a landscape? Sarcinella evokes associations with a theater stage or a cabinet of illusions.


His paintings are enigmatic, they elude rationality and seem to refer to something metaphysical. This ambiguity is already inherent in the painterly process of creating his works. Simple, roughly worked color surfaces alternate with fine, detailed elements. Antonio Sarcinella pays special attention to different textures and light effects, with which he evokes either a dreamy or a dramatic atmosphere.

* 1989 
lives and works in Munich


2024                   Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich

2017 - 2024          Studies of fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich | AdBK München
                       in class of Prof. Anke Doberauer

upcoming exhibitions:

18.01 -
              "ECHOES", Quittenbaum Gallery, Düsseldorf

2023                      Solo exhibition "ECHOES", Quittenbaum Gallery, Munich

2023                      Duo exhibition "Tôle", Kunstraum Eckstein, Munich

                         "Kunstpreis 2022", Karl&Faber, Munich

2021                      "Unter Kuppeln schwimmen Maschinen, schön grün", VIER8L, Munich

2020                      "Obst & Gemüse", Bienewitz, Munich

2018 - 2024           Annual exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich

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